Ventillation and air-conditioning of business centers, hotels in Saint Petersburg

Ventilation, air-conditioningVentilation in the office

Major requrements to HVAC in hotels,business centers

Large multi-storey business centers and large hotels has a similar structure of engineering systems, so they have similar features and challenges.

The main task in the design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems is the collection of raw data. Often after the collection of baseline data, a follow-up survey is required for such systems. This is because landlords do not always have to learn and know their existing networks.

After all the data received, it is necessary to analyze all the nuances of a particular building and existing networks. This applies to all networks. To facilitate future installation work. Namely, where are the risers of ventilation and central air conditioning systems, the existing hydraulic and aerodynamic heads for ventilation and air conditioning systems, the current costs used, in order to understand how much extra capacity the installed wind turbines have.

An important feature for such facilities is the need to dismantle old ventilation and air conditioning systems. This is primarily due to re-planning of premises and lack of executive documentation and obsolescence of engineering networks.

The final stage is the competent and reasonable execution of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Constant interaction of designers and the installation organization will allow to execute optimum systems of an internal climate of buildings.

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